The Marleanet programme

The European programme called MARitime LEArning NETwork (MARLEANET /2010-2013), headed by the Centre Européen de Formation Continue Maritime - European Maritime Training Center - (C.E.F.C.M.) in Concarneau, aims at developing, along the Atlantic area, a new and challenging network based on cooperation and the transfer of ideas, skills sharing, dissemination of good practices, experience sharing in real time and co-production of teaching tools.

This core of abilities includes 6 partners/institutions from 4 countries :

  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Irland


All have in common the wish to create the future maritime training : a finally harmonized training taking into account the rapid changes in the maritime world and leading the whole system upwards by exceeding the current international standards.


The Marleanet programme -
A necessary solution
A relevant solution
A common solution
A sustainable solution