A necessary solution

MARLEANET, a European programme creating a network between training institutions in the Alantic
Area, headed by the CEFCM (European Maritime Training Center) in Brittany, is at the beginning of a
«Training Solution» for the maritime Europe..

Since :

… the maritime world is obviously internationa

Almost all companies in the maritime world have an international dimension. Crews are multinational and multicultural. There is a worldwide standard regarding the staff certification:
STCW 95 *, International Convention approved bymore than one hundred countries today.
*Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers : www.stcw.org

… most of the future jobs linked to the maritime world are not yet known today

The jobs in the future are only a part of the issue. There are already many emerging professions without any appropriate training solution. For example: what training courses for the maintenance technicians working on offshore platform ?
How to train fishing tourism workers, technicians of (Aeolian) windmill, maritime drone (i.e. unmanned aircraft system) pilots?

… the maritime training has to be improved and harmonized

The STCW Convention is a common and exemplary way of thinking leading to the implementation of shared standards worldwide.
Very few sectors can claim such a dialogue at the world scale. But it should go further, to maximize the value of training centers in terms of skills and network.

... Europe is very well placed to do it

The quality of the European maritime trainingis internationally recognized. But this recognition is not yet sufficiently formalized and shown.
MARLEANET represents a unique opportunity to reach a fundamental step: bring to the “knowhow” the extra value of the ” how-know “. It is fully legitimate to develop its good practice in a highly competitive world.

… and first its Atlantic area

It is located at the heart of the main shipping lanes. It has no choice but to come together to develop and share ambitious and innovative training and professional certification standards.
So far, no network existed to unite the sixty maritime training centers of the Atlantic Area.
Thanks to MARLEANET this can be done.

… the availability of seafarers to be trained is a real difficulty

Organizing training in the maritime world often seems to be a real headache. Traditional methods consisting in teaching in classrooms show their limits because of the constraints and specificities related to sea jobs. Regarding organization and efficiency, it was necessary to leave the traditional way of teaching to comply with the availability of seafarers..

… the controlled use of E-Learning meets this issue

E-Learning has quickly become one of the mostappropriate solutions. The European Union is the first convinced of it. It finances the MARLEANET programme up to 65%. Thanks to this help, partners in training centers will develop tools for distance teaching that will allow crews in the Merchant Navy, in the fishing, in the sailing and in the offshore industry as well as in the French Navy to get certified skills : «Made in Europe ».

News in brief

«Tomorrow the Sea»:
a great international debate already started

«How the training will accompany the change? » Being trained aboard a ship through E-Learning: dream or reality? These two fundamental issues for the future of the maritime world have already been dealt with in a great international debate: «The sea in the future: new practices and new jobs» organized during the MARLEANET launching programme at the start of the Transat race AG2R-La Mondiale, April 13, 2010 in Concarneau


« We want to reach a European label with a higher level in comparison to existing international standards, which will lead the whole maritime training to a better and higher standard.
Competition is strong for skilled workers, from the seaman to the officer. The difference is, and will be, based on the skill of trainers. »
Alain POMES - CEFCM Head Manager


The Marleanet programme
A necessary solution -
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