A sustainable solution

The MARLEANET programme aims at developing and then sustaining a network bringing together maritime training centres in the Atlantic Area. It is based on the exchange of good practices, knowhow and collective and individual skills, which will allow to promote shared courses and contribute to the improvement of maritime vocational training policies.
The continuity, efficiency and coherence of actions undertaken will be certified by the user subscription to a MARLEANET quality charter, with the creation of a genuine label.

« We want to create a lasting network»
« MARLEANET is not a programme limited to three years. We want to create a sustainable network
with a wider geographical area later on. The British should join us soon. Why not including Poles,
Belgians and other European nations with strong maritime abilities in the future? New electronic
tools enable us to go faster. It is a good way to overcome limits. Ideally speaking, I would like that the
programme would lead to a system like ECVET * allowing recognized qualification not only among
European diplomas but up to the level of training courses. »
Alain POMES - CEFCM Head Manager

*European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training.
En savoir plus : www.europe-education-formation.fr


Objective for 2013
Training at least 3 000 people per year thanks to tools created through theprogramme with the help of the greatest number of training centres in the Atlantic area.


The Marleanet programme
A necessary solution
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A sustainable solution -