Historical journey of Mútua became a book which emphasizes the projects CCC and Marleanet

In Portuguese Conference Final of the Marleanet, guests were offered the book Mútua dos Pescadores - Biografia de uma Seguradora da Economia Social ("Mútua dos Pescadores - a Biography of a Social Economy Insurer "), by Professor Álvaro Garrido, Historian and professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and consultant in Ílhavo Maritime Museum.

This is a scientific work that documents the historical journey of Mútua, which in 2012 marked its 70th anniversary, highlighting the projects undertaken under the social responsibility and development of coastal communities, with special emphasis on project CCC/EEagrants (2007-2010), and MARLEANET, on which we quote a brief excert:

"Started in 2010, the MARLEANET has the ambition to create a platform for e-learning training for the professions of the sea. Mútua is the only private, cooperative nature of this project it is.
As part of its internationalization strategy and expression of a singular social responsibility, Mútua contributes with its experience of working with fishing communities (...) "

The distribution of this book during the Marleanet Final Conference was made possible thanks to the Project, and in the occasion Mútua made a Tab book concerning to it.

Beside the book Mútua also distributed the Marleanet card set, specially designed for the Project, by a portuguese artist, Duarte Saraiva, and a simple bag in white fabric, with Marleanet motives.

I'ts motto is "in the game of life the training is a trump card! and new technologies are a card from the deck".


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