Portuguese Final Conference, Peniche, 10th november 2012

The Portuguese Final Conference of the Project Marleanet was held in Peniche, the 10th of November, within Mutua VII Anual Seminar who also celebrate the 70th Anniversary of this insurance cooperative.

The project results were presented during the morning, and the morning became a work session by inviting Pierre Bouges - who coordinates the pedagogical team of CIN in S. Mandrier, France and Knud Kusche, machinery engineer with extensive experience as a trainer and author of modules for CEFCM / France, promoter of Marleanet. Both contributed with further reflection and examples on the challenges of technically assisted training. The proceedings were conducted by the project coordination, Cristina Moço, Director of Mútua, and Maria do Céu Baptista.

After lunch took place the presentation of the Portuguese Society of Maritime Health, an idea that had long been the yearning of people and entities linked to sector. The Project, with its dynamics, let to reality. On behalf of the committee promoter Carlota Leitão and Miguel Alarcão, orthopedist of Mútua for over 30 years.

The Portuguese team of experts that Mútua invited to joined the Project attended the work session - Formar, IPTM, Navy and fishery associations, as well as the other international partners of the Project – from Galiza / CETAMR, Lucia Fraga; Ireland, Eoin Moynihan (CIT / National Maritime College of Ireland) and Karl Vekins (National Fisheries College). Honored us with his presence António Henriques Gomes, from the Portuguese Navy / Direction of Training Service.

The project - public funding - EU / Feder, Atlantic Area Programme - will finish in March 2013, but results are working tools for the future, and its development depends also on the ways the stakeholders of the maritime industry used them. Specially the pan-European  multipurpose database - MpDB – that allows register Organizations, People, Documents and interviews, and training offer.  But also the Portuguese Society of Maritime Health presented in this meeting.

We invite you to read the articles on Portuguese news papers – DN/JN, 18th november – wich describes a  project that "has created synergies between many institutions and individuals in the maritime sector and opened up opportunities that will led to new paths with skills, especially in the areas of e.learning, and all new learning methodologies addressed to sea men (...)”.Download the article

To learn more about the VII Mútua Meeting visit the website of Mútua


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