MARLEANET :  the "Training Solution” for the maritime Europe


The Atlantic Area remains at the heart of the major intercontinental shipping routes but a loss of know-how and seafarers' skills is noticed. The Atlantic Area has to retain a core human and a technological know-how serving the sustainability and competitiveness of current and future shipping operations.

The maintenance of high training standards and seamen professional skills are essential to ensure safe, secure and environmental shipping operations. Nowadays, the maritime training institutes are well-structured at the national level but no network exists in the Atlantic area to federate approximately sixty maritime centres.


MARLEANET project results will be composed of a long-term network with exchanges of good practices, know-how and staff, common and new training sessions development and the current policies improvements. The actions' sustainability will be ensured by a common e-learning platform suitable to meet the training requirements of maritime staff taking into account technical means and availability (rhythms of work, alternation phases of work, obligation, rest and holidays) with at term 3 000 persons trained by year.


Maritime the public-private partnership is managed by the Centre Européen de Formation Continue Maritime (C.E.F.C.M.) and represents 4 countries - France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. UK is associated in the spreading of activities through the current contacts with training centres.

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